Crossboders - Smoothing the path to your new home

Leading Legal Partnership

Working together with one of the the most prestigious legal firms in Switzerland, Bär & Karrer , we offer our clients a full range of integrated legal services for Residency and Working Permits. With government quotas and regulations continuously evolving this partnership is critical for ensuring a smooth and successful initial step, when moving to Switzerland.

The Benefits of Experience

The established processes ensure that each client clearly understands the various steps in each application process, that the necessary documents are quickly received and business partners are updated throughout the process.

Our systematic approach and experience means we can review the speed of the various stages in the permit process and accurately advise of the likely timing of permit issuance for each client and when the new assignment could begin.

As many permits are issued for just twelve months we manage the monitoring of the permit expiration dates and prolong each permit when necessary.